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Trade and Commerce Law

In Switzerland, commercial law falls under the legal area of private law, but also counts directly to business law. Any entrepreneur operating in Switzerland should inform himself comprehensively about the legal regulations and obligations.
A comprehensive analysis of your situation can be performed by leading corporate attorneys who can provide professional assistance to companies of all sizes in the areas of business formation, capital markets and financial litigation matters. In the world of business, commercial law comprises the laws on business contracts, a bundle of laws on the trade and sale of goods, banking, insurance, finance, partnerships as well as bankruptcy and taxation.
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Commercial law comprises corporate law in the broader sense, e.g. corporate law in the actual sense, company law, accounting law and capital market law. Furthermore, commercial law also regulates the sub-areas of securities and intellectual property law as well as commercial proxies and commercial register law.
On some occasions, the delimitation of the legal field of commercial law can be difficult. Depending on the activity of the company, commercial law can also have a direct impact on insurance law and also on certain parts of stock corporation law. A specialized lawyer for commercial law in particular should be competent in advising on and implementing capital increases and capital reductions.

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