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Swiss Bar Association SAV / FSA (www.sav-fsa.ch)
Marktgasse 4 PO Box 3001 Bern
The Swiss Bar Association is the professional organization of independent and self-employed lawyers in Switzerland. It currently has 10,110 members, of which 2,928 are women.

Zurich Bar Association ( www.zav.ch)
Office: Marktgasse 1 Postfach 1567 8401 Winterthur
The Zurich Bar Association is the professional organization of independent and self-employed lawyers in the Canton of Zurich. It forms the largest section of the Swiss Bar Association (SAV) and currently has 3,137 members.

Register of Attorneys of the Canton of Zurich ( High Court of the Canton of Zurich )
Hirschengraben 15, 8001 Zurich
Admitted to the Cantonal Register of Attorneys by decision of the Supervisory Commission on Attorneys. The Supervisory Commission supervises persons practicing the legal profession in the Canton. In particular, it is responsible for revoking the license to practice law, maintaining a register of attorneys, a public list pursuant to Art. 28 BGFA and a register of attorneys. In addition, it oversees disciplinary proceedings, decides on the granting of release from the obligation to maintain professional secrecy and examines applications for the re-granting of the license to practice law.

Women Lawyers Switzerland – (Juristinnen Schweiz – Femmes Juristes Suisse )
The association promotes women-specific perspectives in research, teaching, training, in professional life, in lawmaking, comparative law, the application of law and has an impact on social life .

Democratic lawyers in Switzerland
Schwanengasse 9 3011 Bern
The objective of the association “Democratic Lawyers of Switzerland DJS ” is the democratization of law and society as well as the expansion – and this includes the defense – of legal preservation.
www.lawsociety.bc.ca (The Law Society of British Columbia in Vancouver Canada)
UBC Law www.ubc.ca



Office: Weinbergstrasse 69, 8006 Zurich
Take Streetcar/Tram line no. 7 from Bahnhofstrasse / Zurich main station (HB Zürich)
to Sonneggstrasse or Streetcar/Tram line no. 15 from Central to Sonneggstrasse

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