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Swiss Bankruptcy & Insolvency Law:   In Switzerland, the debt collection procedure is the procedure for enforcing individual monetary claims in accordance with the Federal Debt Collection and Bankruptcy Act (SchKG). Certain debtors (e.g. owners of a sole proprietorship, general partnerships, limited partnerships, stock corporations, the limited liability company, etc.), are subject to bankruptcy enforcement (provided they are entered in the Commercial Register) pursuant to Art. 39 SchKG. English speaking attorneys can help both creditors and debtors, in all matters relating to debt enforcement and bankruptcy law. procedure to recover asset, creditors claims, insolvency proceedings, claims and assertion, enforcement of domestic and international claims debt enforcement proceeding, objection to enforcement,seizure and confiscation, debt collection office & agency debt-enforcement relief application, insolvency and bankruptcy proceeding freezing order unjustified execution, procedure for hastening debt recovery, repayment order, payment of pecuniary debt or recovery of negotiable instruments, notification and reminders of default, ordinary liquidation proceedings, creditors’ meeting, liquidation of the bankruptcy assets, distribution plan, distribution of the available assets, certificate of loss established after bankruptcy ...

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