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Swiss IT-LAW:   The Swiss Federal Data Protection Act (FADP) is the data protection law of Switzerland. It aims to protect the personality and fundamental rights of natural and legal persons about whom data is processed (Art. 1). Legal advice in IT projects. Cloud | Blockchain | AI | E-Commerce | Cybercrime. Start-ups. SMES. IT law. information security. Information Technology law, online privacy policy, legal notices for clients, technology and industry-related contracts for example, outsourcing contracts and IT infrastructure maintenance agreements, website hosting contracts, software development and privacy policies. Blockchain Technologies Digital, Technology & Telecommunications fintech as well as encryption and decentralization subjects in the area of blockchain technology. Information technology law (also called cyberlaw) computing and the internet in Switzerland. legal informatics, digital and software, information security and electronic commerce, paper laws, cybercrime, hacker, data theft, ecommerce b2b crypto censorship, forensics, facebook, instagram, google spam, telecom equipment, and e-commerce, telecommunications, cookies IT law ICT, Internet & Media law swiss federal data protection act (FADP)

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