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Swiss Notary Law:   In Switzerland, the legal basis for the notary's office and public certification is provided by the Swiss Civil Code (ZGB) and the Swiss Code of Obligations (OR). The Swiss federal law prescribes public certification for certain legal acts, which requires the involvement of a notary. They ensure the authenticity and safekeeping of these documents. they clarify the contents of a deed to all contracting parties. signature, certified notary public, notarial services, preparation of testaments, living wills, notarizations and copies of documents, incorporation of limited liability companies power of attorney / authentication, witnessing & verification oath or affirmation (affidavits) true Copy / Signature certification, transaction, Certifying / Notarizing Photocopies/ Documents / marriage certificates / oath commercial register matters, Marriage contracts, inheritance contracts, testamentary dispositions (wills), living wills, guarantees

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