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Swiss Tax Law:   In Switzerland, Taxes levied are divided into direct taxes (e.g. income and wealth taxes of natural persons or profit and capital taxes of legal entities) and indirect taxes (consumption taxes and property or expenditure taxes). The Confederation, the cantons and the municipalities levy taxes. A direct federal tax is levied by the Confederation on, among other things, the income of natural persons. Here you can find specialized advisors in tax law for the optimization of your tax position. Swiss Foreign Income Tax, Tax on Dividends, Property Tax, Swiss Capital Gains Taxation, Switzerland Tax on Stocks, Investment Income Tax, Salary Tax, Crypto Tax, Property tax, tax exemption, payroll, double income tax, inheritance tax, dog tax, value added tax vat, withholding tax, gift tax, income tax, wealth tax, federal taxes, cantonal taxes and municipal taxes. Double taxation agreements (DTA), International tax law, provisions on the exchange of tax information, bilateral double taxation agreements (DTAs) kpmg tax audit, tax consulting near me, tax evasion, tax office, tax court, controlling, tax concessions . .

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