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Swiss Employment Law:   In Switzerland, labor law covers the rights and obligations of both employees and employers. Swiss employment lawyers with particular expertise in representing expatriates (“expat”) in matters relating to labor law. Executive and CEO compensation, relevant provisions of the employment contract relating to salary, superannuation, bonuses, retirement benefits and other incentives and severance pay, contributions to unemployment funds, pension funds, Employment contract law, Code of Obligations (Art. 319 et seq. OR): the Labor Law Act (ArG), the Equal Opportunities Act (GlG), the Employment Agency Act (AVG) probationary periods, vacation days, working conditions, provisions that guarantee minimum wage, collective agreements. Unemployment, minimum wage average wages, reference, vacation entitlement / number of public holidays, absences from work / termination of employment, incapacity to work due to illness/pregnancy overtime Part-time work, work on call, job sharing and short-time work, Wages, gratuities, wage components, deductions, Dismissal and termination, leave of absence and non-competition clause, Social security, Legal form, Forms of contract (employment contract, contract for work, mandate, order) Termination / Dissolution, Job reference, Company health protection, (collective labor law / GAV) Company regulations (working time regulations, Peko regulations, expenses, etc.) Social plan and consultation procedure

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