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Swiss Insurance Law:   The Swiss Insurance Contract Act ("VVG"; SR 221.229.1) governs the relationship between insurance companies and their clients. The insurance contract is designed to transfer the risk from the policyholder (or the collective of the insured) to the insurance company in exchange for the payment of premiums. The Insurance Supervision Act ("ISA"; SR 961.01). The areas of law in which the specialist lawyers for liability and insurance law are active is extensive. Liability law (motor vehicle liability, personal liability, etc.) injured parties in criminal proceedings, accident insurance AHV, Disability insurance Occupational pension plan (BVG) Life insurance, Insurance contract law, private insurance law and the social insurance law, old-age and survivors, supplementary benefits, pensions and old age retirement funds resolve insurance claims, indemnity or any coverage issues, commercial shipping, global aviation, airports, climate and environmental disasters life insurance, damages & compensations

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