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Swiss Contract Law:   is part of the fifth section of the Civil Code (CC) and is governed by the Swiss Code of Obligations (CO; SR 220). The attorney is widely regarded as a specialist in all areas of contract law, for example in contract for work labor and employment, distribution contract, investment advisory contract, asset management contract, shareholder agreement, cooperation agreement, purchase agreement, job termination agreement, general contract law, sales law, tenancy law, business lease law, order. Also in donation, guarantee, franchising and travel contract, leasing contract, company contract, credit and loan contract, contract drafting and clauses, preparation of general terms and conditions, license agreement, online privacy, outsourcing contracts and IT infrastructure maintenance agreements, website data storage & hosting contracts, software Development and privacy policies. English speaking swiss lawyers and attorneys near me, consideration, duress, warranty, breach of contract, remedy, lien, types of contracts, adhesion contract, warranties ...

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