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Medical Law – Switzerland

The Swiss Federal Law on Medicinal Products and Medical Devices (Therapeutic Products Act, HMG) regulates the handling of therapeutic products. The focus is on the protection of both human and animal health. Only high-quality, safe and effective therapeutic products should be placed on the market in Switzerland.  Anyone placing medical devices on the market in Switzerland must provide the authorities responsible for market surveillance with the declaration of conformity upon request.

Pharmaceutical Law

  1. Therapeutic Products Act
  2. Life Sciences Law
  3. Pharma Compliance and Licenses
  4. Biomedicine ethics and social responsibility
  5. Principal areas: Digital Health, Genomics, Medtech, Computer aided Surgery

Swissmedic Licenses

  1. Medical Device Licence & Regulation
  2. Medical Marijuana / Cannabis Licence
  3. Drug and Medicine Licence
  4. Regulation of pharmacies, dispensaries, and medical facility licenses
  5. Healthcare Facilities and Hospitals

Health Law & Medical Law in Switzerland

  1. Medical Law and Health Law
  2. Medical Ethics and Patient Rights
  3. Market Approval for Drugs and Medicines
  4. Medical liability law Switzerland
  5. Physician and Hospital Bills

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