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Immigration and Citizenship Law in Switzerland

The Swiss Federal Law dated December 16, 2005 on Foreigners and Integration (in short, the Foreigners and Integration Law; AIG) is a Swiss federal law that has regulated the entry, exit, residence and family reunification of foreigners in Switzerland.

All persons who are resident in Switzerland but do not have Swiss citizenship are considered foreign nationals. At present, the vast majority of foreign nationals permanently residing in Switzerland are from EU/EFTA countries. The Office for Migration is the competent authority for all matters relating to the law on foreign nationals, such as residence permits, work permits, enforcement of asylum legislation, as well as integration of foreign nationals.

The State Secretariat for Migration SEM is responsible for the admission of foreign workers, while taking into account the overall economic interests, long-term professional and social integration opportunities, as well as the scientific and cultural needs of Switzerland; ( The legal basis: the Swiss Federal Act on the Residence and Settlement of Foreign Nationals.

Topic and issues pertaining to immigration and citizenship

Permit B – residence permit
C permit – permanent residence permit
Ci permit – residence permit with employment activity
Permit G – Cross-border commuter permit
Permit L – short stay permit

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