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Inheritance lawyers in Zurich, Bern, Basel, Geneva, Zug Switzerland

The inheritance law of the Swiss Civil Code (ZGB) comprises all those legal norms which regulate the devolution of assets of a deceased person to one or more beneficiaries.
When it comes to hiring an attorney in probate and inheritance matters, the focus should be on a trustworthy attorney with the best expertise in the field of swiss and international inheritance and succession matters.

From the perspective of the testator, the law of succession results in the right to determine his assets and other alienable rights after his own death. From the perspective of a heir, the right of inheritance refers to the right to be a beneficiary of an inheritance itself. The estate is defined as the totality of all assets and liabilities of of the deceased’s estate.
If a deceased person has his or her last domicile in Switzerland, the Swiss courts or authorities at that last domicile shall have jurisdiction over the probate proceedings and the inheritance matters; the jurisdiction of a foreign state that provides for exclusive jurisdiction over properties on its territory is expressly reserved.


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