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Ludivine Boisard – English Speaking Attorney at law LL.M. (Geneva Switzerland)

Based in the city of Geneva, which is financially and internationally renowned, Attorney Boisard practices and advises a broad spectrum of clientele, ranging from mid-sized to large corporations, but working almost exclusively in the financial markets sector, the stock industry, international tax law and in particular within the highly complex and sophisticated Swiss banking sector.

University and higher education in Switzerland:
Law studies at the University of Geneva
Achievement from english speaking university abroad:
LL.M. New York University, School of Law

Years of experience:
Over 20 years of professional experince
German – English – French
Geneva Bar Association
International Association of Young Lawyers (AIJA)
American Bar Association (ABA)

Asset management and investment funds
Capital markets
Mergers and acquisitions:
Insolvency and restructuring:
Regulatory & compliance
Commercial banking
Private equity and venture capital
Real Estate & Environment
Tax compliance, cross-border tax work and tax litigation services
Swiss and international tax matters
Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, Tokens and other Crypto Assets
Global Regulatory Framework on Cryptocurrencies
FINMA Licenses and Authorisations

Cours de Rive 13
1204 Genève
T +41 22 999 96 44

Proof of English Proficiency:
LL.M: New York University – School of Law

New York University School of Law has maintained a record of academic excellence and innovation.
New York University – USA

Banking law in Switzerland is uniformly regulated in the Banking Act (in full: Federal Law on Banks and Savings Banks). The English-speaking specialist attorneys for banking and capital markets law will help you determine your claim. They actively represent clients in legal cases with a focus on swiss banking law. Convention on money laundering, anti-fraud agreements and state treaties – For instance – Mutual legal assistance in criminal matters – Federal Law on International Mutual Assistance in Criminal Cases (IMAC) – Ordinance on International Mutual Assistance in Criminal Cases (IRSV) – European Convention on Mutual Assistance in Criminal Cases – Convention on Money Laundering, Search, Seizure and Confiscation of proceeds derived from criminal activities – Schengen Association Agreement and Schengen Implementing Convention – Anti-fraud agreement ( Frozen bank account or locked and blocked savings account checking ) Banking secrecy. – State Treaty Switzerland – United States on Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Cases. ....
Taxes levied in Switzerland are divided into direct taxes (e.g. income and wealth taxes of natural persons or profit and capital taxes of legal entities) and indirect taxes (consumption taxes and property or expenditure taxes). The Confederation, the cantons and the municipalities levy taxes. A direct federal tax is levied by the Confederation on, among other things, the income of natural persons. Here you can find specialized advisors in tax law for the optimization of your tax position. Swiss Foreign Income Tax, Tax on Dividends, Property Tax, Swiss Capital Gains Taxation, Switzerland Tax on Stocks, Investment Income Tax, Salary Tax, Crypto Tax, Property tax, tax exemption, payroll, double income tax, inheritance tax, dog tax, value added tax vat, withholding tax, gift tax, income tax, wealth tax, federal taxes, cantonal taxes and municipal taxes. Double taxation agreements (DTA), International tax law, provisions on the exchange of tax information, bilateral double taxation agreements (DTAs) kpmg tax audit, tax consulting near me, tax evasion, tax office, tax court, controlling, tax concessions ....
The constitutional basis for FINMA's supervisory activities is provided by Art. 98 of the Swiss Federal Constitution. With the Financial Market Supervision Act, the state supervision of banks, insurance companies and other financial intermediaries is defined by FINMA. The leading swiss banking and finance attorneys are fully qualified to represent a company or a financial institution in cases related to FINMA authorizations or approvals. Swiss financial market supervisory authority, FINMA supervising and monitoring, financial industry, stock exchanges, securities dealers, collective investment schemes and auditing companies, Licences and Authorisations granted by FINMASA : securities firms, Insurers, Asset management, Credit and loans, Portfolio managers and trustees, Supervisory organisations, financial institutions based outside Switzerland under FinIA, Insurance intermediary, Self-regulatory organisations (SROs), Directly subordinated financial intermediaries (DSFIs), Rating agencies, Registration body, Ombudsmen for financial service providers, Reviewing body for prospectuses, FinTech Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Regulation ....
In Switzerland, the debt collection procedure is the procedure for enforcing individual monetary claims in accordance with the Federal Debt Collection and Bankruptcy Act (SchKG). Certain debtors (e.g. owners of a sole proprietorship, general partnerships, limited partnerships, stock corporations, the limited liability company, etc.), are subject to bankruptcy enforcement (provided they are entered in the Commercial Register) pursuant to Art. 39 SchKG. English speaking attorneys can help both creditors and debtors, in all matters relating to debt enforcement and bankruptcy law. procedure to recover asset, creditors claims, insolvency proceedings, claims and assertion, enforcement of domestic and international claims debt enforcement proceeding, objection to enforcement,seizure and confiscation, debt collection office & agency debt-enforcement relief application, insolvency and bankruptcy proceeding freezing order unjustified execution, procedure for hastening debt recovery, repayment order, payment of pecuniary debt or recovery of negotiable instruments, notification and reminders of default, ordinary liquidation proceedings, creditors’ meeting, liquidation of the bankruptcy assets, distribution plan, distribution of the available assets, certificate of loss established after bankruptcy....
The Swiss Insurance Contract Act ("VVG"; SR 221.229.1) governs the relationship between insurance companies and their clients. The insurance contract is designed to transfer the risk from the policyholder (or the collective of the insured) to the insurance company in exchange for the payment of premiums. The Insurance Supervision Act ("ISA"; SR 961.01). The areas of law in which the specialist lawyers for liability and insurance law are active is extensive. Liability law (motor vehicle liability, personal liability, etc.) injured parties in criminal proceedings, accident insurance AHV, Disability insurance Occupational pension plan (BVG) Life insurance, Insurance contract law, private insurance law and the social insurance law, old-age and survivors, supplementary benefits, pensions and old age retirement funds resolve insurance claims, indemnity or any coverage issues, commercial shipping, global aviation, airports, climate and environmental disasters life insurance, damages & compensations ....
The Swiss Criminal Code StGB is divided into three major sections: "General Provisions", "Special Provisions" and "Introduction and Application of the Law". Criminal offenses against life and limb, property, honor, freedom, integrity, public health, traffic, economy and others are regulated. Experienced attorneys (criminal defense lawyers ) can provide comprehensive advice in the matters relating to white collar crime, financial crime cases, litigation and issues relating to embezzlement, tax evasion, insider trading, copyright infringement and money laundering. criminal law attorney, administrative court, Police questioning, Threat of indictment, Seizure of objects assets or written documents, Pre-trial detention is ordered Penalty order is issued, Criminal justice, Private or business premises are to be searched ....
In Switzerland, the legal basis for the notary's office and public certification is provided by the Swiss Civil Code (ZGB) and the Swiss Code of Obligations (OR). The Swiss federal law prescribes public certification for certain legal acts, which requires the involvement of a notary. They ensure the authenticity and safekeeping of these documents. they clarify the contents of a deed to all contracting parties. signature, certified notary public, notarial services, preparation of testaments, living wills, notarizations and copies of documents, incorporation of limited liability companies power of attorney / authentication, witnessing & verification oath or affirmation (affidavits) true Copy / Signature certification, transaction, Certifying / Notarizing Photocopies/ Documents / marriage certificates / oath commercial register matters, Marriage contracts, inheritance contracts, testamentary dispositions (wills), living wills, guarantees ....
Swiss company law is a branch of commercial law. Entrepreneurial activity is typically associated with risks, which can, however, be reduced through information. Established lawyers in the field of commercial law will support you in the preparation, implementation and execution of transactions in Switzerland and abroad, as well as in the drafting of the corresponding contractual basis. They can incorporate companies for you, or provide you with ongoing support in complying with the legal framework (Corporate Governance & Compliance). business entity, juristic person, company law, corporate law, corporation incorporation (business) limited liability company, fiduciary, partnership, agency, escrow, trustee of a trust or executor of an estate, trusts and estates, charitable trust, foundation, association, cooperative, corporate law, corporate governance, competition law (antitrust), consumer protection, environmental law, international trade law commercial and corporate law activities, company formation through organization and administration to restructuring and liquidation, organizational structure, share purchase agreements, transfer of common stock, shareholder agreements, board of directors mandates, group law, succession arrangements etc. commercial businesses switzerland, company management, general partnership, legal capacity, bookkeeping managing director regulations, international business law, foudation arbitration and litigation, international commercial law, competition law trade and regulation, civil law, administrative law, antitrust law economy switzerland, code of obligations ....
Swiss contract law is part of the fifth section of the Civil Code (CC) and is governed by the Swiss Code of Obligations (CO; SR 220). The attorney is widely regarded as a specialist in all areas of contract law, for example in contract for work labor and employment, distribution contract, investment advisory contract, asset management contract, shareholder agreement, cooperation agreement, purchase agreement, job termination agreement, general contract law, sales law, tenancy law, business lease law, order. Also in donation, guarantee, franchising and travel contract, leasing contract, company contract, credit and loan contract, contract drafting and clauses, preparation of general terms and conditions, license agreement, online privacy, outsourcing contracts and IT infrastructure maintenance agreements, website data storage & hosting contracts, software Development and privacy policies. English speaking swiss lawyers and attorneys near me, consideration, duress, warranty, breach of contract, remedy, lien, types of contracts, adhesion contract, warranties ....
In Switzerland, labor law covers the rights and obligations of both employees and employers. Swiss employment lawyers with particular expertise in representing expatriates (“expat”) in matters relating to labor law. Executive and CEO compensation, relevant provisions of the employment contract relating to salary, superannuation, bonuses, retirement benefits and other incentives and severance pay, contributions to unemployment funds, pension funds, Employment contract law, Code of Obligations (Art. 319 et seq. OR): the Labor Law Act (ArG), the Equal Opportunities Act (GlG), the Employment Agency Act (AVG) probationary periods, vacation days, working conditions, provisions that guarantee minimum wage, collective agreements. Unemployment, minimum wage average wages, reference, vacation entitlement / number of public holidays, absences from work / termination of employment, incapacity to work due to illness/pregnancy overtime Part-time work, work on call, job sharing and short-time work, Wages, gratuities, wage components, deductions, Dismissal and termination, leave of absence and non-competition clause, Social security, Legal form, Forms of contract (employment contract, contract for work, mandate, order) Termination / Dissolution, Job reference, Company health protection, (collective labor law / GAV) Company regulations (working time regulations, Peko regulations, expenses, etc.) Social plan and consultation procedure ....
In Switzerland, the acquisition of real estate by foreign persons is restricted by law. The principle of the permit requirement applies (grounds for permit, exceptions to the permit requirement and permit procedure). The attorneys listed here are highly experienced in all areas of Swiss real estate law and can be of assistance and shield you from hassles and expensive surprises before they even arise. purchase agreement, property register, public notarization of the purchase contract, real estate strata apartments, hotels, building permits in a canton, renovation of a house, ownership multi-level apartment blocks, Freehold, Stratum in Leasehold, commeercial property, stores, rental, buying an apartment or townhouse, selling property tax ....
The Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property (IPI) is a federal institution under public law with its own legal personality. For protection of trademarks, patents or designs, a company can file an application. The company is strongly advised to decide at an early stage what it wants to protect and to ensure that it does not come into conflict with other companies. The highly qualified intellectual property attorney on site can file trademarks, patents and designs on your behalf - for Switzerland and, depending on the proceedings, internationally as well. The attorneys offer a wide range of trademark, patent and technology searches as well as useful information material and services for SMEs. intellectual property register, copy rights, Patent & Trademark protection Attorneys design patents, designs, licensing Law, registered mark, logo, distribution and agency agreements, franchising and licensing agreements, industrial designs, international trademark registration e.g. in filing applications both in Switzerland and abroad, intangible goods immaterial goods and assets, patent applications for inventions, swiss federal institute of intellectual property, eidgenössisches institut für geistiges eigentum, IGE; ....
The swiss social insurance protection in the event of old age, disability, illness or the occurrence of an accident financial security for dependents in the event of the policyholder’s demise, risks such as sickness and accident costs, death, unemployment and family allowances. Supplemental Security Income & Benefits, swiss pension plans and funds . . .
In Switzerland, the law of succession is governed by Part Three of the Civil Code, starting at Art. 457. It follows the basic principle of universal succession. This means that all the decedent's pecuniary rights pass immediately and undivided to the community of heirs. attorney in probate and inheritance matters, testator, new swiss inheritance law, assets and other alienable rights after his own death, beneficiary of an inheritance, assets and liabilities of of the deceased’s estate. last domicile , probate proceedings, properties, Inheritance law in Switzerland Civil Code, unmarried, transfer of a person's (testator's) property, The survivors, prescribed by law, the surviving spouse or the surviving registered partners as well as the descendants such as children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren come first. Contesting wills Switzerland Advance inheritance, inheritance tax, division of inheritance. The disinherited person may challenge the disinheritance either by an action for annulment (Art. 479 CC) or by an action for reduction.
Family law is regulated in the second part of the Swiss Civil Code (CC). Divorce and Family Law In Switzerland with relation to contracts for concubinage and civil union, family affairs and parenthood, private divorce, divorce process, legal separation from spouses, b and c permit after divorce settlements, parental care, child custody or abduction, alimony, dissolution of matrimonial property regime, etc. Also in first free consultation regarding cohabitation, marriage contracts, how to delay a divorce cost of divorce without a lawyer or with attorneys and lawyers representations, family reunion & guardianship ....
School and Education Law: In Switzerland, the cantons are responsible for the school system (Art. 62 Federal Constitution). The cantons must provide sufficient primary school education, which is open to all children. Higher Education in Switzerland: The Swiss Confederation, in conjunction with the cantons, ensures the coordination, quality and competitiveness of the higher education sector throughout Switzerland. Cantonal Universities, Higher Institutions of Learning Federal Institutes of Technology (ETH); The universities of applied sciences and the universities of teacher education, learning disability, primary schools, secondary schools and colleges reresenting parents, teachers, other students, and administrators demotion, Claims of behavioral misconduct such as plagiarism or harassment ....
Topic and issues pertaining to immigration and citizenship law in Switzerland. B or C Permit permanent residence permit, permit with employment activity Settlement Permit, Naturalization, Work Permit, Revocation of permits, Refused Family reunion, Marriage preparation, Hardship application, The State Secretariat for Migration SEM, Appeal against non-extension / losing of the residence permit ( Aufenthaltsbewilligung Ausweis B) annulment of a simplified (facilitated) naturalization, Appeal against revocation / expiry of a permanent residence permit ( Niederlassungsbewilligung C ) An appeal against a decision to refuse a visa, advise and represent foreigners in migration law and offer comprehensive legal advice regarding residence, work and settlement permits, immigration law and appeal proceedings throughout Switzerland ....
Pharmaceutical Law: Therapeutic Products Act, Life Sciences Law, Pharma Compliance and Licenses, Biomedicine ethics and social responsibility, Principal areas: Digital Health, Genomics, Medtech, Computer aided Surgery Swissmedic Licenses: Medical Device Licence & Regulation, Medical Marijuana / Cannabis Licence, Drug and Medicine Licence, Regulation of pharmacies, dispensaries, and medical facility licenses, Healthcare Facilities and Hospitals Health Law & Medical Law in Switzerland: Medical Law and Health Law, Medical Ethics and Patient Rights, Market Approval for Drugs and Medicines, Medical liability law Switzerland, Physician and Hospital Bills ....

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