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Swiss Inheritance Law:   In Switzerland, the law of succession is governed by Part Three of the Civil Code, starting at Art. 457. It follows the basic principle of universal succession. This means that all the decedent's pecuniary rights pass immediately and undivided to the community of heirs. attorney in probate and inheritance matters, testator, new swiss inheritance law, assets and other alienable rights after his own death, beneficiary of an inheritance, assets and liabilities of of the deceased’s estate. last domicile , probate proceedings, properties, Inheritance law in Switzerland Civil Code, unmarried, transfer of a person's (testator's) property, The survivors, prescribed by law, the surviving spouse or the surviving registered partners as well as the descendants such as children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren come first. Contesting wills Switzerland Advance inheritance, inheritance tax, division of inheritance. The disinherited person may challenge the disinheritance either by an action for annulment (Art. 479 CC) or by an action for reduction.

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